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Is Social Media For Your Business?

By August 17, 2009September 3rd, 2009No Comments

In the increasing infusion of the person into social media, companies these days are hard pressed to fully relate and consequently, make use of social media as an effective public relations and marketing tool. There are many reasons for this which we won’t cover at length. There is however one pressing reason that must be looked into.

The reason why there are companies/corporations that hesitate to take advantage of the vast marketing potential of social media is fear. Companies still follow traditional public relations practices which involve the control of information. Social Media is about sharing and daring to lose control since anybody and everybody has the ability to comment on your services/products. This causes hesitation on the part of these companies who would not dare to have their services/products be under the widely broadcasted scrutiny of their very publics – internal or external.

We here at Hangad IT Solutions strongly suggest to companies who have the capability to, to test the waters of Social Media, no guts no glory. A simple Myspace ( page about your company or your website itself won’t take many resources to create and syndicate. This alone is a concrete step in finding out if social media is for you.
There have been many companies who started their own social media sites – with varying degrees of success – and allowed their employees to blog about their respective companies albeit with some guidelines set. Sun Microsystems, Wallmart and General Motors are just some of these companies. If it garnered favourable results for these big names, why not try it out?


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