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Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0 part 1

By August 21, 2009September 3rd, 2009No Comments

What is Web 2.0 and what is Web 1.0? To start of, Web 1.0 is generally associated with the old way people use the internet; posting static webpages. Websites in the former days played the role of big billboards that inform but not engage the audience. Websites would hardly change and new content is rare. These days websites need to be more dynamic. They should be able to provide ever changing content that will keep Internet users coming back. That’s why we have Social Networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter). They provide ever changing content, content created by the users themselves. Another example of new websites are blogs. They provide ever changing looks and something interesting each visit (provided the blog is still active). All of these new developments are part of Web 2.0.

Even corporate websites these days must offer more than just advertising. Nobody will want to visit a website that’s non-dynamic more than once since they’ve already seen everything. Businesses must evolve just as the web has evolved to take advantage of the vast opportunities on the Internet.


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