We employ three ideals in web development; creativity, quality and relative speed. We use customized open source software to weave the best websites for our clients. This cuts down development time and cost but still deliver the best and most professional results. We develop websites of all types from marketing websites to e-commerce sites.

Hangad employs powerful Content Management Systems to build websites. These CMSs allows for the end user to edit web content with ease and without programming knowledge. These CMSs are open source, allowing thousands of developers around the world to collaborate and improve upon them constantly. This ensures that Hangad’s clients always have the latest web development tech available.

Hangad uses two core CMSs to develop websites for our clients namely WordPress and Drupal.

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WordpressWordPress – Hangad uses wordpress to develop sites that are very dynamic in nature. WordPress is a wise choice for sites that constantly update their content such as http://www.goateneo.com. We also stretch the capabilites of wordpress by building full-featured e-commerce sites such as http://www.elmoreoil.com.au.
DrupalDrupal – Drupal is a versatile web development platform/framework. Because of its flexible and powerful core, Drupal can be used to create not only dynamic and multi-featured sites, it can also serve as a web application development platform. Hangad has used Drupal to create web based applications such as a dating service site, customer management application, an article/feature market and more.
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Hangad also builds custom CMS websites upon demand. We always adjust to our clients needs.